Hinata accidently turns Naruto into a fox and has to take care of. But enough about that. What happens when the Hyuga Heiress gets caught spying on our. We are engaged right? Naruto laughed as he and Hinata walked out the front door. Tonight was her first date with Uzumaki Naruto. Hinata paused for a second and recalled how this wonderful. I do not own Naruto or its subsequent plots or characters. When Naruto finally asks Hinata. Hinata talks about you all the time.

Sakura/Sasuke Bashing???

Online singles Sasuke and sakura fanfiction the dating game They use children like chess pieces– training them until they become weapons, fighting for nothing but the village with no questions asked. When a passionate young blonde gives an impromptu speech on gay rights, however, everything changes. I’d like to fix those before I actually get to finishing and posting these fics. A troubled teen in need of a new friend in a new town.

Haruno Sakura loses a fight againt a fire creature, and has to give up her ass virginity. Click on her pussy and butt to cum in her ass! Hinata Naruto Sex Instructions: Naruto gets a special treat from his adorable Hinata. She can give you oral, some anal, or just hot sex! Move the switch back and forth to gain ulimate pleasure. Keep an eye on the pleasure and stress meter. Click on the hand sign that the light stops on in order to get full chakra pleasure!

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What is the title of the fanfiction where Itachi takes Sakura with him after the massacre?

This must be a dream. Nowhere could ever be this dark. Besides, the last thing she remembered was being half-awake in bed. Even though he did have a lot of girl admirers.

Oct 23 , Naruto Earlier this month, we reported that the epic Naruto Manga will come to an end as the final chapter will be released on Nov. While we’re still struggling to digest the end of our favorite manga, new art work from ” The Last: Naruto The Movie ” reveal some big plot details. One of the biggest unanswered questions in the Naruto manga is whether the unpredictable ninja will end up with Sakura or Hinata. However, latest artwork from “The Last: Naruto The Movie” suggests that Naruto might be with Hinata after all.

The artwork derives from the CD cover art for Sukima Switch , the popular jazz duo that will play the theme song for the upcoming movie. That said, we all know that Naruto’s heart has belonged to Sakura ever since the beginning of the manga. The CD cover art features Naruto and Hinata sharing a rather sentimental moment in a quiet forest.

What’s more, this illustration is also the first glimpse of Hinata’s latest full-body character design.

will naruto end up with sakura or hinata?

MidnightRazorHeart 1-Itachi spared all the young Uchiha children anyone under How does this effect Sasuke? He still wants to kill Itachi but will he have a rivalry against the other Uchiha children? Will they help him? Will they split into two groups, Sasuke leading one and rival Uchiha leading the other? They raise Naruto after his parents die saving him.

Naruto And Sakura Hook Up A few of these hook ups are boyboy and girlgirl sexual situations a few good-humoured threesomes. She occasionally meets up with TobiObito once in a while.. Sep 26, – 1 min – Uploaded by Winky Dink Media. I mean she is. The ninjas we know and love are now all grown up,. This high-quality Dorbz vinyl figure version of Sakura Strength of a Hundred Seal from Naruto Shippuden is presented in window-box packaging to fully display.

In an effort to get stronger, Naruto trains harder than Sasuke and Sakura.. The episodes for the eighteenth season of the anime series Naruto.

Sasuke & Sakura

Naruto has shown a great interest in women in general, and has gotten into trouble quite a few times for peeping in on the female baths. This friendship is challenged when Sasuke leaves Konoha to pursue a life path without his teammates. The path Sasuke chooses to kill his brother Itachi to avenge his murdered clan; to do this he leaves to get training from Konoha’s enemy Orochimaru, which is a decision which will seemingly end in Sasuke’s death.

Both boys gag and retch afterward and seem disgusted, and Sasuke threatens to kill Naruto for it.

Some of which even had kids who now go to the Ninja School same as their parents went too. The ninjas we know and love are now all grown up, some got promoted while others now just enjoy their times being in peace. Here are a list of which character got married. She stayed by his side, now we have two amazingly cute kids, Boruto Uzumaki and Himawari Uzumaki.

Sasuke had promised Sakura that he would eventually come back to the Leaf to see her again, from then on he most likely married Sakura Haruno and thus had a pretty cool looking child called Sarada Uchiha, a funny name indeed. Still they got married and had a kid called Shikadai Nara. Still, he seems like a skilled yet closed individual, hehe is also part of the InoShikaCho, taking part in their parents combinations.

They also had a little boy who is part of the InoShikaCho. His name is Inojin Yamanaka. However with his yellow hair, he definite stands out of the crowd. However, somewhere along these lines they got to know each other well enough to get married and even have a child, named Chocho Akimichi. Chocho seems to have more of her mothers side compared to Choji.

Fanfiction Ideas!

Misstep in the Right Direction by Solvdrage reviews It was just a simple good luck wish. This innocent moment created a connection between two lonely children years before destiny intended. This unintended new connection will change the course of history. What qualifies as ‘good’ for them, could be drastically different for those who actually live in the Narutoverse. OC Naruto – Rated:

Sasuke, who has chased after the maddened Gaara to finish their battle, is followed by Naruto and Sakura. As Gaara attempts to finish off Sasuke, Sakura jumps to his aid. Sakura’s sudden act causes Gaara to remember his betrayed childhood before he pins her to a tree with his sand, later being saved by Naruto and Sasuke.

Sakura and Chiyo arrive soon after; not knowing of his death yet, Sakura tries to revive Gaara, though her efforts are fruitless. However, Chiyo resurrects Gaara with the help of Naruto’s chakra, using her life-restoring technique at the cost of her own life. Tsunade replied that she had no chakra and suggested that Sakura take her place. Gaara complies and takes Sakura on his sand and takes her and Naruto to Minato, where they would seal Kurama’s other half into Naruto.

Evidence Seeing Sakura reminded of Gaara of his uncle who taught him love. Among the Fans Though not terribly mainstream, GaaSaku is still fairly popular. According to a survey taken on deviantART, fans like the two together because ‘opposites attract. The way the two look together also play a small role in it.


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