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This article was written specifically in answer to some HO questions. However, these basics apply to other scales. The photo descriptions are at the bottom of the page. Q I want to use Kaydee couplers. Do I just throw out the old couplers and put the new ones on? A Kadee not Kaydee couplers are the way to go as far as I am concerned. I converted many years back and have never been sorry. As I had a fair amount of horn-hook couplers, I created two ‘transition’ cars that had a Kadee on one end and a horn-hook on the other.

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Nomenclature[ edit ] The different types of coupling do not always have formal or official names, which makes descriptions of the couplings in use on any railway system problematic. Buffers and chain[ edit ] Three-link coupling on a tank wagon Screw-tensioned three-link coupling. The narrow buffers of the left-hand vehicle are sprung, the thicker buffers on the right contain a hydraulic damper. Buffers and chain coupler The basic type of coupling on railways following the British tradition is the buffer and chain coupling.

A large chain of three links connects hooks on the adjoining wagons.

Race Like A Professional. You’ll feel like one of the racing pro’s while driving! This incredible toy steering wheel reacts to your movements, making it feel like you’re driving a real car and the interactive light-up display gives the effect of a real dashboard.

Dressed for dinner in a private rail car About Private Rail Cars There are various types of private rail car or carriage, broadly as follows: Luxury or First Class private carriage attached to a public train. Luxury carriage in a luxury train, hired for exclusive use. First Class carriage in a public train, hired for exclusive use. First Class carriage in a special or touring train, hired for exclusive use.

The above may apply to both day trains and trains with sleeping accommodation, and are generally limited to one or two cars for between 2 and 80 passengers. A more complex route or planning process will increase the cost. Who Hires Private Rail Cars? Private rail cars are ideal for grandparents who want quality time with rarely-seen grandchildren. Georgia – used for presidential travel VIP Train Travel Private rail cars provide complete privacy, plenty of space and a secure environment for VIPs and celebrities.

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This timeline is very much a work-in-progress. Any additions or corrections, please email. CN locomotive did the honors.

Aschi’s Workshop is the home of superb, easy to follow wooden toy plans. Create a wonderful masterpiece in wood for the children in your life.

If you have any comments, corrections, suggestions or anecdotes to add please send them to me at stangarner earthlink. With your assistance, we can make this page a useful reference tool for all interested in Private Cars. Thanks to all who have offered suggestions. Observations I am frequently asked what it’s like and what it takes to own and operate an Amtrak approved private railcar. Owning a private railcar can be the fulfillment of a dream and a dreadful nightmare, all at the same time.

Before you even think about buying a private car you owe it to yourself to take a trip on a private car.

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Jensen had more than a reserved seat waiting for him. He had his own rail car, an antique painted a deep Tuscan red, hitched to the end of the train. As Northeast Corridor trains such as the Metroliner and Acela have picked up speed over the past 15 years, some private rail car owners have sought additional routes.

Lionel No. Erie Hobo and Cop Car The picture above shows a Lionel No. Erie Hobo and Cop car (manufactured from ). The car has a vibrator mechanism inside that drives a belt with a hobo and cop figure attached.

BroadsMan BroadsMan is a pseudonym for a gentleman of the Wendell Willkie school of womanizing with a substantial Brooks Brothers wardrobe and a large Amtrak rewards account. Trains remain good places to meet, game, and bang women — if it worked for Wendell and for me , it can work for you. For route descriptions, timetables, menus, and reservations, check www. You really want accommodations on overnight trips. In accommodations, you pay for a ticket for carriage at the same price as coach but buy your room as a separate, additional charge that includes your meals in the dining car.

Most on-board staff know the deal although you do need to inform your car attendant and introduce your new bed buddy so the attendant can recognize the new face in the sleeper car and be accountable for all the passengers in case of an accident. Amtrak clientele is diverse. They have three market niches pretty much to themselves — the obese who are too broad for airline seats, the neurotic who are afraid of flying, and the geriatrics who are too weak to travel any other way using the special handicapped bedrooms.

None of these groups are of much interest. Better are the college students and other young people moving about the country. Foreigners seem to love our trains, especially Australians and Germans, and both nationalities are friendly and eager to talk to Americans. The largest single group, however, are retired people who usually travel as couples.

They tend to be friendly enough, but just not your focus.

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Straight air brake[ edit ] A comparatively simple brake linkage In the air brake’s simplest form, called the straight air system, compressed air pushes on a piston in a cylinder. The piston is connected through mechanical linkage to brake shoes that can rub on the train wheels, using the resulting friction to slow the train. The mechanical linkage can become quite elaborate, as it evenly distributes force from one pressurized air cylinder to 8 or 12 wheels.

The pressurized air comes from an air compressor in the locomotive and is sent from car to car by a train line made up of pipes beneath each car and hoses between cars.

The other side of the conversation is based on the notion of harnessing the torque of the pinion gear as it climbs up the ring gear. Drag racers use this rotational force to a better effect than any other type of motorsports. In a leaf spring application, the forward half of the leaf spring is the.

In most cases, this is the cause as determined by the ICC investigators. We are dealing not with a sample here, but with all available accident reports, so the results may have some validity in showing what actually caused accidents in practice. Of the 66 accidents, 37 resulted from improper actions of train crew members, chiefly conductors and enginemen, who are jointly responsible for the safety of their trains. The dispatcher’s errors were quite various, each occurring only once.

Among all the possible errors, these were the ones that actually caused accidents. Dispatchers were often called upon to handle 30 or 40 trains a day on a hundred miles of single track, or on 10 or 15 miscellaneous branches aggregating hundreds of miles. In general, they performed a marvelous job. One accident reveals single-order dispatching with the knowledge of officials. Single-order dispatching is the practice of sending orders to individual trains, telling them only what they are to do.

It is the method that would be devised by experts at the present time, and may already be in use, judging from accident reports. It is also very dangerous and faulty, second in fallacy only to having several dispatchers independently giving orders to trains on the same track. The Standard Code explicitly prohibits it, requiring that all orders must be issued in the same words to all involved.

The most frequent operator’s error was the failure to deliver a restricting order, either because the train was forgotten or the train order signal was improperly at Clear, which was responsible for eight accidents. In two further cases, the order was not legible, and misreading led to accident.

1948 Lionel transformer hook-up

Nomenclature[ edit ] The different types of coupling do not always have formal or official names, which makes descriptions of the couplings in use on any railway system problematic. Buffers and chain[ edit ] Main article: Buffers and chain coupler The standard type of coupling on railways following the British tradition is the buffer and chain coupling used on the pioneering Planet class locomotive of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway of These couplings followed earlier tramway practice but were made more regular.

The vehicles are coupled by hand using a hook and links with a turnbuckle that draws the vehicles together. In Britain, this is called a screw coupling.

Flexible Bus Company. Flxible Clipper Bus. Firetrucks.

C Car Location Message CLM That part of the fleet system which deals with providing the fleet operator with information on car movement data for all cars in the fleet see fleet. This information comes in the form of a periodic usually daily, sometimes hourly message or report which contains the latest movement data on all cars from the fleets that are on our lines. This message follows an industrywide standard format that enables shippers who use railroads across the U.

Car Scheduling A system of assigning a “trip plan” that is based primarily on waybill data. Cars are scheduled to the first available train that may carry the specific type of traffic into which they are categorized. Cartage Pick up or delivery of freight within commercial zone of a city by local carrier acting as agent for a shipper or over-the-rail carrier. Chassis A rubber-tired trailer under-frame on which a container is mounted for street or highway transport.

Claims A demand, supported by evidence, to show that the claimant has sustained a loss through the negligence of a carrier. The principal kinds are: Damage Claim due to physical injury to shipment or because shipment was not delivered within a reasonable time.

CSX trains hooking up to freight at the CSX yard in Cayce, SC

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